About Us

Beginning in 1999 as a seperate branch of the KACK news channel shot in upper Michigan, Kinopsia Productions began as a small team of filmmakers who focused on smaller, obscure news stories, including deeper coverage of stories from KACK that they were unable to cover in full, or weren't willing to cover. The original crew had 9 people, consisting of;

Benjamin Earl, Shelby Polluck, Terisa Grennen, Rhemia Larkin (since deceased), Thomas Grud, Karl Hungus, Nigel Grundt, Creev Gorbus, Kreet Pranids Shut up dont actually write that

The original team has been widdled down to just two people, still working with a newer crew. The production studio has since grown substantially, making major documentary pieces such as 2001's "Liar Trees", a film adaptation of a real incident in upper Michigain, and "Shelter" (2023) a documentary of real events surrounding a strange house in oregon, that turned out to be organic. Other notable works have been sighted, but have been since archived, such as the controversial Halloween special "Scary Stories to Tell Your Friends Volume One" which, with permission of the victims families, showed and publicated real stories of gruesome nature, though exaggerated. Through our steps, and misteps, we've had a wonderful team helping us every step of the way. We will speak for those unspoken, and show the world truths that many are too scared to show.

Now as we are a booming studio, we've expanded. You may have seen our partnership with Hidden Window an Oregon based studio that helped us produce the "Shelter" DVD and got it on shelves (More info in the Archive.) Due to our successes, Kinopsia Productions is booming now more than ever, and the stories we tell have reached far and wide! As of 2023 our line up is completely full! Plenty of future documentaries are in place and set to film and produce! So don't touch that dial, and watch closely, because if you blink, you might just miss it.