The following page is a complete Archive of our works with information on each of our current releases.

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- Shelter Poster (2023) -
- Liar Trees Poster (2001) -
- The Man on The Moon Poster (2012) -

Shelter (2023)

Shelter, released in 2023, is a documentary about an unfortunate set of circumstances surrounding a small town house in the early 50's. Set in Oregon, a living house singlehandedly stopped the 1950's housing crisis, but not without a cost. Directed By Violet Mirrors, full credits are listed in the credits section of the website

Liar Trees (2001)

Liar Trees, released in 2001, follows the true story of an anonymous individual that was a victim to the liar trees, an invasive species of tree in upper Michigan that mimics life, going through the events of what hapened to the individual while also talking about how the species works and why they're so effective at getting prey. Directed by Violet Mirrors and Rhemia Larkin

The Man On The Moon (2023)

I don't wanna talk about this one, maybe later,