The following page is an Archive of our interactive works with information on each of the releases. As of recent we've been searching for several pieces of lost media related to the Kinopsia Productions brand. As things appear, we will update this page!

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- Shelter DVD; Hidden Window Interactive (2023) -
- MOTM Game (2009) -
- Lost Dreams Interactive (2008 -
- Kiki's Funhouse (2002) -

Shelter DVD HWI (2023)

Shelter, released in 2023, is a documentary about an unfortunate set of circumstances surrounding a small town house in the early 50's. The film rcently recieved a DVD adaptation that recently got cancelled, however it will still be available here. As of recent, Hidden Window Interactive has not released any public statements against

Man On The Moon Game (2009)

The Man on the Moon released in 2001 was a small success for Kinopsia Productions, however a larger loss. In honor of the death of one of our co-workers and close friend to many, an interactive experience was made on the 8th anniversery of The Man on the Moon. It's currently considered lost after a legal dispute between the Larkin family and Kinopsia Productions, however efforts have been made to recover the file. The only known file has been corrupted beyond working order, however other copies of the game may be recovered within the coming months thanks to new leads. Be on the look out!

Lost Dreams Interactive / In Another Life (2008)

Created by Kichi Ikeda and published under Kinopsia Productions, Lost Dreams Interactive (Known locally as In Another Life) was created after the creator underwent heart surgery, and died for several seconds while replacing their heart. During this time, he experienced a strange world, empty, but full at the same time, full of endless landscapes. Immediately after, he found a newfound desperation to share this experience with others. He created an Exhibit of his artworks and personal works in the Lost Dreams series in 2008. Within this exhibit was a 20 minute demo of interactible gameplay, showing the insides of these dreams. Currently this entry is LOST if any information is uncovered about this demo, please email our curator

Kiki's Funhouse (2002)

Kiki's Show, created by Shelby Polluck and written by Rhemia Larkin was intended to be a childrens show where they talked only about positive news for children, however after they both disappeared, it's mostly been lost. In 2002 KPS released a small game for the Nintendo DS called Kiki's funhouse. The title was a small educational game full of short mini games and music. We are currently working on retrieving footage from this lost game.

What Is This???

Our team was formed in 2021 in order to retrieve lost media created by Kinopsia Productions. As time went on we were offered to join the team and work with them in order to find lost media for them. In time weve managed to recover and get in contact with people to retrieve several pieces of their media from the past, recovering pieces of the companies lost history. After the previous head of the company left in 2020, it left us the perfect opportunity to start searching. We've also previously worked under OrcAr research, uncovering old tapes from their archives, and lost/stolen work through unconventional means. We put in a lot of effort to find these and get it to you, so please be patient, and enjoy our findings!