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Dad won't stop messaging me, its been really anoying, i dont have the heart to blacklist his number from my cellphone yet /: oh well, oh yeah I got a cellphone recently, need it for business purposes, currently working on a story, "Liar Trees", from real events, we're experimenting, it's like a real time documentary type thing, hoping it does well, it's basically done already, just got it test screened and sent out! oh and, Doing that thing with brandon tonight, checked in with Rhemia first! She knows where we're going in case things go wrong LOL! Will let y'all know how it goes afterwards! Oh and, I know you're reading this, I Love You! C ya later :)!


COOL THING! we set up the radio equipment first and RheRhe let me know a secret! We're doing a radioshow!! YAY!!!! she broadcast today and it should be up later tomorrow! I'm gonna take a video just for safekeeping HAHA!


New house is a little old, we're living in Salem for the moment! weird houses in our neighborhood, might go snooping, Brandon seems a little eager, might be like that older sibling that dares the younger to go do something for money LAWL, maybe ill send him in one of the houses I saw that looked stable enough to go inside, was on one of the side roads up to work, looks like they're getting ready to move it or demolish it, the roads newly paved so i suppose theyre getting rid of the of residents on this road to get ready for businesses /: might go visit at night before its gone in a few days LOL,



WE DID IT! It's been months since I've updated, I'm so sorry, but we DID IT! We've secured our spot on the west coast in OREGON! :DDDD! RING THE ALARm BELLS SOUND THE CHIMES WE diD IT! Me, Rhemia, and my family are moving down to Oregon in a couple of months to the new station in Portland! It's also weird to say but, me and Rhemia have started dating, but SECRETly!!!! SHHHHHH!!! She's wonderful, and I'm so happy.


I feel incomplete without her around, it's weird to say but idk, work has become a lot easier, and home has become a lot worse, feels like the tides have changed a little, and my heart feels just a little heavier, weird @W@;(She showed me that face XD) Me and Rhemia planned for next week, today we were talking about stuff and the topic of making a seperate company branching out from KACK! It'll be on the west cost sharing stories everywhere! We planned to put it in either Oregon or California! (Depends on how expensive it's gonna be xd!) Also gonna be using my HTML skills to make a website for it if we get approved! EXCITED!!!! Life has been so exciting since I met her, it makes me happy! I'm so happy.


Had an idea for a KACK Childrens channel Show! A Character thats made of the KACK logo named Kiki! The show would be called Kiki's Show! Children would learn cuter tamer news, mainly about animals and good news! I started making a website for it but it's unfinished, submitted to execs earlier! I'll see what they think! :)


Sorry for forgetting to update, I've been staying at Rhemia's, not going to lie, didn't know I was this kinda person LOL, it's strange, I went home today, but the second I left her house, I miss her already... Back to work tomorrow xd! Guess this is what life feels like


Today the girl said she wanted to come over and maybe hang out after work, I was SO nervous!! I still live with family so I declined, but said we should go to lunch later. She suggested a little food truck downtown. She even called it a date! I'm not sure how I'm supposed to feel LAWL. Will keep updating, our "date" is tomorrow. I'M SO EXCITEDDDDDD :D!


Ugh i'm so tired, Karl expressed how upset he was about my work lately, says I've been fumbling more than usual and I need to pick up the pace, but I don't know, been feeling burnt out xd!! no fun


Met someone at work today, they're so sweet! They talked to me all lunch, they also work at KACK. I remember only talking to her a few times at work, but she's been getting closer to me lately, today we actually sat down and had a conversation. It makes me happy knowing someone else is here that I can talk to :)


Still can't find a place to live /: gettintg real tired of my family, just hoping that I can get a raise so I can move out LAWL!!! Brandon's a little brat XD


I forgot to write anything about myself on my last post LOL, I guess I should write some stuff. I'm Shelby and this is my BLOG!!!!!! I was born in 1979, I work at KACK News Station in upper Michigan with my friends! I have 2 siblings and I live with my Mom!!! It's nice to have my own little place to compile my thoughts, and for anyone to see too! Maybe, one day I'll be able to make something of my own! Who knows though LOL, time will tell! Hopefully this site will stil be up by 2000! Can't wait till armeggedon! (just kidding ;P) Thanks for visiting!


Hello World! Or whatever people say now adays.